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Political career of Nawaz Sharif

Last Updated: February 08, 2014

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Political career of Nawaz Sharif

In his career,for the first time Nawaz raised as prominent leader as finance minister of Punjab during Ziaul Haq regime, later in his life he served as chief minister of Punjab in the 1980’s for two consecutive terms.


Nawaz came into power after the dismissal of Benazir Bhutto government in August 1990. Muslim League elections won at a national and international level in November 1999 and he remained in power till 1993.


Mr. Sharif came into power in February 1997. Following dismissal of the Benazir Bhutto second government, he again entered into politics as a prime minister winning majority votes. 


It was October 12, 1999 when Nawaz Sharif’s government was toppled by General Pervez Musharaf. He was charged in a high jacking case. 


In 2000 Nawaz Sharif went into exile to Saudi Arabia. 


Nawaz Sharif got permission in 2007 to return home and he was allowed to take part in elections that were to be held in January 2008. 


While in February 2008, the elections brought Pakistan People’s Party into power and the party lead by Nawaz remained the second largest party. 


In May 2013, Nawaz again came into power as a Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and currently serving as Prime Minister of Pakistan.





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