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Top 10 Hottest Actors in Hollywood

Last Updated: April 25, 2014

No doubt Hollywood Industry rules the film world. One of the main reasons behind this is the hard work of actors to maintain their hotness quotient. A trend in producing big budget action movies means big budget action stars who, muses bless their soul, hit the gym hard, making their eye candy status as dreamlike as their careers. Among hundreds of hunks here are the top 10 hottest actors of Hollywood.

10) Mark Wahlberg

He grabbed our attention at such a young age and continues to make our jaws drop. Not only is he a great actor, he is one fine piece to look at. He was a Calvin Klein model and so young but still so hot wearing those undies. Now his perfect body and his sweet face still rock the screens. Even Steven Carell`s character in "Date Night" was shocked by his yummy pack.

9) James McAvoy

The Scottish superstar has not been in romantic or love stories but still is a treat to watch on screen. In movies like X-Men and Trance he has left some remarkable performances and many other actors wonder how he can be dangerous and hot at the same time.

8) James Franco

He has been in controversies lately but nobody care. I'm sure he's really happy about what he is doing, whatever it is, and I'm sure he has this vintage beauty which is wonderful to everyone’s eyes. He's got a big part of James Dean magic in him and that's what makes him so special. No wonder Gucci has chosen him as the face of their Gucci by Gucci perfume campaign as this face and this personality are unforgettable.

7) Hugh Jackman

He's a triple threat: a star who can sing, dance and wield a weapon. This deadly wolverine can kill you without using his claws but only his looks. The 41 years old actor can make women's jaws drop when they have a glance on him. He was named the sexiest man alive in year 2012 by “People” magazine well deserved.

6) Bradley Cooper

Though the Hangover guy has not a long career but definitely is one of the most wanted hotties of Hollywood. With his eye catching look and awesome performance in American Hustle he has already set new new levels of hotness quotient to other actors.

5) Ryan Gosling

Ryan is one of the beauties of Hollywood nowadays. He is hot and he`s hot in a way that makes everyone feel like he is the one. He has got rockstar vibe and his lost boy who needs some cuddling. A perfectly fit body with the sweet shy smile and apart from having that photoshopped six pack (thanks for the perfect description, Emma Stone), boy is also super stylish. He doesn't even have a career as long and as important as Johnny Depp's or RDJ's but he's already shown he's got talent and looks as well.

4) Chris Hemsworth

The more Hemsworths in the world, the better! Chris absolutely kills it as Thor in Marvel's The Avengers franchise, including starring in his own two Thor films. Yeah, we like crazy action, comic book heroes, and incredible special effects. But know what else we like, the incredible special effect that Chris has on us. Being father of a child, Chris is no doubt one of the hottest dads in Hollywood.

3) Robert Downey Jr.

This man is just like wine, the older the better. Aging is not his problem, he's over 40 years old and even teenage girls everywhere drool over his doggy eyes, velvet voice, acid sarcasm and gestures of a dandy. Yes, he had a dark past of drugs and prison, but this amazing phoenix is back, stronger - and hotter - than ever. And he`s got a very important plus: he can make us laugh! His interviews are always the funniest and so are his speeches during the frequently very boring awards season. This perfect combination, added to the sex appeal of his characters Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, made every single woman dream about 3 and 3 letters only. He is Hot.

2) Johnny Depp

This couldn't be a TOP 10 Hottest Hollywood Guys lists without Papa Depp. Yeah we're calling him 'Papa' because maybe he's the king of this list, the father of them all. This man's career is so amazing and had so many phases that a woman can easily point out what was the character that made her fall him love with Johnny. Maybe Gilbert Grape, who is the first love of many Johnny fan girls nowadays? Perhaps Don Juan deMarco, or exotic Jack Sparrow... And he has an incredible plus of being a rocker. He's played the guitar with Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Keith Richards. The Native American ancestry gave him good genes, don't you think?

1) Christian Bale

This man is not only one of the best actors of our age; he also has a great ability to undergo extreme body transformations to play his character. And it's when he works out that you can see what a strong, muscular stud he really is. A classical manly beauty, a hoarse voice and dreamy green eyes rock every suit he wears in Batman. Everybody dreamed about the perfect body of his in "American Psycho"(oh, the shower scene - not putting pictures here because I'm afraid that would be against the terms of use). Yes. He rocked the world during that shower scene.